Category: bash

  • Quick’n’dirty Mediawiki file crawler

    URL=’′ MIME=’image/jpeg’ bash -c ‘wget -q -O – “$URL/wiki/index.php?title=Special:MIMESearch&mime=$MIME&limit=500&offset=0” | grep -Po “/wiki/images[^”]+” | xargs -n1 -I {} wget “$URL{}”‘ What it does: it uses the “MIME search” functionality on the wiki to locate files of a certain mime type and then xargs+wget each of them. Limitations: A maximum of 500 files are downloaded Downloads […]

  • Adding tab completition to Maven3 under Ubuntu

    Maven 3 was released recently (depending on your definition of recent), but is not yet packaged for Ubuntu. This is generally not a problem, since the installation instructions are easy to follow (alternatively here are the installation instructions from the Sonatype maven book), but you don’t get tab completion in your terminal, which is quite […]

  • Bash shortcuts

    Or: never do history | grep again! The command line interface of the *nix systems is amazing and Windows doesn’t have anything that comes even close to it (although I still have to experiment with PowerShell – I like very much the base idea that instead of text lines you get objects with well defined […]