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  • Comparative book review

    Below is a a short comparative review of tow books about Java concurrency which I’ve read in the last couple of months. Disclaier: the Amazon links are affiliate ones. Java Concurrency in Practice is an interesting book, which should be a must-read for anyone doing concurrent programming in Java (and in these days if you […]

  • Freakonomics review

    I know, I know, I’m quite late to the game (Freakonomics was first published in 2005), but I still feel that this book deserves a review. What I like about it the most, is the fact that it tries to teach critical thinking, a thing which is lacking these days. The book provides vivid and […]

  • Advanced Windows Debugging review

    Until recently I didn’t do kernel debugging, but recently I’ve toyed around with some code which executes before the the process is in a state which is agreeable for user-mode debuggers. So I borrowed this book from one of my friends (thanks D!) and read trough it. To get the bad stuff straight out of […]

  • Book review: The IDA PRO Book

    Recently I’ve had the pleasure of reading trough “The IDA PRO Book: The Unofficial Guide to the World’s Most Popular Disassembler”. It is a well written book and definitely a “should read” for anyone working with IDA. The book is structured into 26 chapters which cover every aspect of IDA, no matter how exotic :-). […]

  • Review: Viruses Revealed

    This book should be a must read for anyone thinking about malware and anti-malware (including – or especially – all the people in the media!). It is a hype-free, no-nonsense book, which doesn’t shy away from writing the truth. I found out about this book from the (ISC)2 blog, where Robert Slade (one of the […]

  • Books to read

    I’m entirely aware that probably I won’t have time to read all of them, but I’m putting them here for future reference (all of the linked books are free): from the blog / Geeking with Greg: Introduction to Information Retrieval – very interesting with contributions from real practitioners from the all about linux blog: […]

  • Free Microsoft e-book: Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista

    From /dev/random (where I stole the title from – because I’m a lazy bastard :-)): you can get an (electronic) copy of Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista by signing up for a free newsletter. I actually have read an older version of the book and found it very good. A large part of it […]