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  • Announcing a couple of contests

    Here are some contests I found: The Fifth Underhanded C Contest – the scope is to write benign looking code which would pass trough a code-review (and/or there is plausible deniability for the coder), but which does some evil things. Found it via slashdot. Some of the previous solutions are truly ingenious. From the Forensics […]

  • New challenges

    After missing the announcement for the second part of the Network Forensics Puzzle (yes, I’m subscribed the feed now!) I would like to regain your trust by bringing two other contests to your attention: Miracle on Thirty-Hack Street from the sevenfour challenges (a “keygen-me” type of challenge) Bonus content: t2’09 challenge solutions (via the […]

  • A couple of new challenges

    Here are a couple of challenges I found on the interwebs: SSHliders – from This one is centered around *nix shell scripting and more advanced topics like pipes. Hugi Size Coding Compo #29 (from Hugi) – not much time left there, the deadline is the 28th of October. No flashy prizes either, just the […]

  • Two new challenges

    Well, new for me at least… The first one is Just go to the site and you can start directly. As far as I know, this is not time-bound. The second one is (“break this code”). It is put up by BitDefender and I don’t know if it has a time limit. The […]

  • Network Forensics Contest submission

    Some time ago I mentioned the Network Forensics Puzzle. The contest is now over and since I didn’t win, I’ll publish my submission below – it was after all correct, but not quite what the judges were looking for (congratulation to the winner). After validating that the MD5 sum for the downloaded file matches the […]

  • Ethical Hacker challenge “Prison Break” solution

    As I usually do, I’ll publish my entry for the Ethical Hacker challenge after the deadline passed: Challenge Question 1: What is the most probable reason Michael could not get network connectivity from the desk Ethernet jack?  What actions should the team take to determine exactly what is going on, collect full traffic captures, and […]

  • T2’09 Challenge

    Sorry for being a little late: the T2’09 challenge just started. Via the F-Secure weblog. Don’t be fooled by the fact that page already contains two entries (“Mr. Speed” and “Mr. Style”) in the top. From what I understand, these are to signal that two winners will be selected, one for speed and one for […]

  • A couple of challenges

    The Google code-jam. Algorithmic, ACM-like programming challenge (don’t forget about UVa if you want to get some warmup). A “find the vulnerability” type contest from Immunity. A Javascript compression contest – this is not an “official” contest (in the sense that there are no prizes and no very strict rules), but more of a “one-upmanship”. […]

  • New Ethical Hacker challenge

    From the guys at RaDaJo: Prison Break – Breaking, Entering and Decoding. It looks interesting (and more accessible than the wireless one, which was a little out of league for me). Have fun!

  • Panda Challenge

    I know that it is kind of short notice, but I too have only found about it recently: the Panda Challenge (from Panda Security). It begins tomorrow (on the 7th of July) at 10 AM GMT+1 and consists of three rounds. Picture taken from Joachim’s photostream with permission.