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  • Announcing a couple of contests

    Here are some contests I found: The Fifth Underhanded C Contest – the scope is to write benign looking code which would pass trough a code-review (and/or there is plausible deniability for the coder), but which does some evil things. Found it via slashdot. Some of the previous solutions are truly ingenious. From the Forensics…

  • A new ethical hacker challenge

    The final date for the two contests has passed. There is no word yet who won them (it it’s yours truly, you can be sure that I’ll brag about it here 🙂 ). However there are two other contests you might enjoy: A Christmas (Hacking) Story End Of The Year Grand Prize Giveaway 2006 Have…

  • Two contest you might enjoy

    Two contests you might consider checking out if you are a security person: The Hitchhackers Guide to the Galaxy – HTML / scripting oriented The malware analisys quiz 7 from SANS – a challenge oriented more at disassembly, and be aware! this is a real malware sample! Good luck