Category: debug

  • Remote debugging with Java

    Sometimes you have the situation that an issue is only occurring on certain machines or only at a certain time of day. There are a couple of possible methods to investigate such an issue (like: adding extra logging), however I would like to add an other one: remote debugging trough TCP/IP. To do this, start […]

  • How to generate a stackdump with GDB

    I’m not a big GDB guy, but Google always helps: Create a textfile with the following content: set height 0 thread apply all bt detach quit Run the following command: gdb $EXE -pid $PID -command $TEXTFILE > $OUTPUTFILE where: $EXE is the path to the executable $PID is the PID it is running under $TEXTFILE […]

  • Advanced Windows Debugging review

    Until recently I didn’t do kernel debugging, but recently I’ve toyed around with some code which executes before the the process is in a state which is agreeable for user-mode debuggers. So I borrowed this book from one of my friends (thanks D!) and read trough it. To get the bad stuff straight out of […]

  • Breaking into a process before the TLS gets executed

    I found out about this from the SANS blog: you can make Olly break before the TLS get executed. Just Debugging Options –> Events and set “Make first pause at” to “System breakpoint” instead of “WinMain”. Cool! (until now I was patching executables with TLS to avoid them being executed).