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  • New challenges

    After missing the announcement for the second part of the Network Forensics Puzzle (yes, I’m subscribed the feed now!) I would like to regain your trust by bringing two other contests to your attention: Miracle on Thirty-Hack Street from the sevenfour challenges (a “keygen-me” type of challenge) Bonus content: t2’09 challenge solutions (via the…

  • New Ethical Hacker challenge

    From the guys at RaDaJo: Prison Break – Breaking, Entering and Decoding. It looks interesting (and more accessible than the wireless one, which was a little out of league for me). Have fun!

  • compromised

    Today I was greeted by the following e-mail in my inbox: EH-Net Compromise Disclosure EH-Net was compromised a few months back, and we are asking all members to immediately change their passwords. Although we do not hold any sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, date of birth, etc., we still realize…

  • New Ethical Hacker Challenge

    Brady Bunch Boondoggle – at the first read I confused it with the Dukes of Hazard, but I’ve since seen the err of my ways 🙂

  • Ethical hacker challenge solution posted

    To the Santa Claus is Hacking in Town challenge. You can find it here: Santa Claus is Hacking to Town – Answers and Winners. Unfortunately my answer wasn’t accepted 100% because of a small misunderstanding, but it got cleared up and all is good now :-). The RaDaJo blog also posted a detailed solution (warning!…

  • Solution to the Ethical Hacker Challenge posted

    Not to this one, but to an older one. This is the announcement and here is the winning solution. This one was actually one of the harder ones for me, I missed the hardware keylogger and didn’t figure out the Vigenere cipher.

  • Solution for the Ethical Hacker Network Challenge

    As always, I’m publishing my submission to the latest Ethical Hacker Network Challenge (after the submission deadline of course). I believe that publishing all the solutions (rather than just the winner) creates a richer environment to learn from each-other. The basic idea came from me seeing tutorials to tunnel SMB over SSH, the difference being…

  • New ethical hacker challenge

    Santa Claus is Hacking in Town. Enjoy.

  • Ethical hacker challenge solution

    Given that the deadline passed, I’ll publish my solution to the Scooby Doo Ethical hacker challenge. In related news (via SANS): the November challenge from packetlife. The deadline is the 20th of November, so hurry up. Can you figure out who killed Dr. Wilson, and why? I would say it was Dr. Miller. In the…

  • Ethical hacker challenges

    A new challenge is in full swing: Scooby Doo and the Crypto Caper. The solutions for the previous one will be shortly announced. It should be very interesting because it contained some hardcore Linux hacking which is always interesting.