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  • Spam from the F-Secure forums

    It is no secret that I have less than stellar opinion about F-Secure (the short version is: in my opinion they are a reseller of the Kaspersky engine, but usually manage to get lower detection rates in tests and they like to talk about their research, even though all the hard work is done by […]

  • How permissive is the Windows autorun.inf parsing?

    While reading the F-Secure blogpost titled When is AUTORUN.INF really an AUTORUN.INF?, I was reminded of this masking technique – putting extra data between the relevant lines. But how tolerant is the autorun.inf parser (which I suppose in fact is the INI file parser) really? The example showed by F-Secure is quite mild, in the […]

  • Living off of the hype

    Disclaimer: I work for a competitor, however this is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of any of my past or future employers. So tell me, what does F-Secure exactly contribute to the malware fighting effort? Sure, they have a blog and a chief researcher who has an opinion about everything […]