Category: FUD

  • Today’s fudbuster

    We begin today’s FUD-buster with – applause please – cyberterorism via an “article”: Cyberterrorism: A look into the future. The article talks about Estonia (which is the poster-child for “cyber” incidents these days) and says the following thing (amongst others equally high-quality content) – emphasis added: “The three-week cyberattack on Estonia threatened to black out […]

  • Surprising numbers

    I was reading the latest FudSec piece (Generating a False Sense of Insecurity) where I found the following statement (emphasis added): Facebook now has 300 million users. Let’s assume that each user has at least one piece of user-generated content on their Facebook page cause, well, it’s a very user-content driven site. That means that […]

  • Cookies and FUD

    Thanks to Security Garden I found this very useful article about Anti-Spyware products and Cookies. It is a useful and unbiased study IMHO. It also points out some misinformation spread by quite respectable organizations on the Internet. Webroot says (the incorrect information is highlighted in red): Adware tracking cookies trigger the most benign form of […]