Category: funny

  • Security Maxims

    Via Bruce Schneier: security maxims. Update: at the request of the original author I removed the embedded version. Please follow the link provided above to view the presentation (it is available free of charge and without registration). Some of my favourites: The confidence that people have in security is inversely proportional to how much they…

  • Procrastination

    Zee Frank – pro-cra. “You might learn a whole new programming language to put off something usefull with the ones you already know!” – Brilliant!

  • Fun Slashdot comment

    On the topic of ReiserFS vs. Ext3 benchmarks: Just search for benchmarks, something like reiserfs beats ext2 by huge margins when it comes to important workloads such as a mail server. Hell, it probably beats it to death.

  • Fun post

    Via the Ajaxian blog: a Javascript simulation of the Large Hadron Collider. For even more fun check out the webcams of the LHC.

  • Fun post day – save the mouse! petition

    Every animal deserves the right to good living conditions. Save the mouse! PS. I would have liked to embed the people are strange commercial from Animal Planet, but I couldn’t find it. It’s mind bogging how companies fail to use viral media to their advantage 🙁

  • Random YouTube videos

    Via George Ou’s blog Via Grand Stream Dreams a series of Mac vs Pc vs Linux video:

  • The new rm -rf /

    There are many urban legends out there talking about n00bs asking a *nix related question and getting the answer just do rm -rf / from the terminal (by the way, you don’t want to do that – it tries to recursively erase all the files from your hard-drives – in general when you get advice…

  • Random links and commentary

    From the Mechanix blog comes the tale of the blocking CREATE INDEX call under PostgreSQL – I consider myself lucky that the databases I run are of internal use and I can permit myself to take them offline for a couple of minutes. Via use Perl;: comments in the Perl debugger. Reminds me of the…

  • Having fun

    Via the Hacker Webzine blog (yes, I’m challenging all the security gods by linking to the blog which social engineered people in giving their passwords just for fun – so take care): The Interesting Hacks To Fascinate People: The MIT Gallery of Hacks Also on that page I found the engineers drinking song: Lyrics can…

  • The cheapest laptop evar 🙂

    On a lighter note: You can’t get laptops cheaper than this. If it was any cheaper, they would have to pay you to take it 🙂 I saw this while browsing the online catalog of an IT shop (lei being the national currency of Romania). A true Daily WTF moment.