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  • Letting competent people do their jobs

    Firs of all – the usual disclaimer applies – this is my personal opinion, blah, blah The first positive comment to my VirusTotal uploader came in which is cool, however it brought up two issues: The fist would be: please don’t use this tool to scan your entire collection, performing a small DoS attack on […]

  • The fact that you write for a big site doesn’t make you an expert

    The corollary of the above being: don’t rephrase what the expert said if you don’t understand it. Real life example from an eweek article: The Redmond, Wash. software giant has convinced major U.S. computer makers—including Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard—to make default changes at the BIOS level to allow a new Vista security feature called ASLR […]

  • Myth-Busting AJAX (In)security

    Via Ajaxian: Myth-Busting AJAX (In)security

  • Stopping waves

    I came across a very nice article over at the SploitCast forums about stopping waves by being calm and not by trying to create a counter wave. My interpretation of it: loose the hype! You won’t create any long-lasting effect with it. If you truly are out to improve security, be calm and explain over […]