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  • Using a single file to serve up multiple web resources

    While trying to set up my GHDB mirror, my first thought was to use googlepages. I quickly found the bulk upload to googlepages how to by X de Xavier, which is a very cool tool (and also an interesting way to hack your “chrome”), but unfortunately I found that Google Pages has a limit of […]

  • Internet Explorer + Frames = Headache

    So lets say you have the following HTML snippet: <html> <frameset rows="20,*" border="0" frameborder="no"> <frame name="menu" src="menu_frame.html" scrolling="no" noresize="1"> <frame name="work_frame" src=""> </frameset> </html> First of all you would say: but frames are so 1998! And you would be right. Frames are outmoded, deprecated and a usability nightmare (because you can’t bookmark the exact state […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

    I’m back with more critique for Deb Shinder (who for one reason or an other doesn’t allow commenting on her blog, so I can’t directly post there). Read part one (Biometrics is not the answer!) and part two (Three letter acronyms don’t provide good security!) for more opinionated posts. The post I’m talking about is […]

  • Decoding obfuscated Javascript

    SANS had recently a posting about methods to decode obfuscated Javascript, and I just wanted to mention 2+1 tools here: In Firefox you can use the View Source Chart extension to view the source after the javascript has executed. There is also the versatile Firebug, but IMHO that’s an overkill for this. For Internet Explorer […]

  • What is not AJAX?

    Not everything involving browser scripting is AJAX. The following two things are not AJAX: Yellow fading effect on web pages Downloading and running an executable in Internet Explorer if you have your Internet Zone security level set to low.

  • Pimping my blog #2

    After observing that most of my visitors (45% currently) use Internet Explorer, I’ve made a little modification so that they to can enjoy the <q> tag. A more detailed discussion and other solutions can be found at the List Apart site. I’ll only present in short my version. My version consists of two parts: a […]