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  • Posting links from delicious to Blogger

    I collect quite a long list of links while I “surf the web”. Until now I’ve done the Mixed Links series, but I’ve been looking for ways to automate it. Enter delicious (or as it was formerly known): it has a nice Firefox plugin and theoretically it can post your bookmarks automatically to your […]

  • Youtube channel embedding being all borked up?

    Update: Google/YouTube seem to have taken the option to generate gadgets showing all the videos from a given user offline, and as such the script below doesn’t work anymore. As a workaround I’ve posted a small script which generates the old embed code for an user-specified YouTube user. In a previous post I wanted to […]

  • Adding a world clock to your blog

    Quite some time ago I’ve written a post about how to create a clock which shows the blog author’s time zone. The intention was to make relative temporal references (like “tomorrow”, “yesterday”, “within the last hour”, etc) more relevant to readers from different timezones. While the method worked perfectly, it did require you to have […]

  • MMassively Parallel Computing 🙂

    I am a fan of BOINC, which uses distributed computing to solve massive problems (some very serious, like finding a cure to certain types of cancer, others more abstract, like finding prime numbers). The problem however is ease of use and distribution. You have to (a) know that this software exists and (b) know how […]

  • Update to the Top Commenters widget

    Some time ago I created a "Top Commenters" widget for Blogger using Yahoo Pipes. Unfortunately my efforts to use the resulting RSS directly failed. The problem was that Blogger was displaying older entries, even though I tried a bunch of different things to convince it that the element were new (like setting the date, adding […]

  • Watch out for long running tasks with Java Timer

    The problem? Write a code which will execute every N seconds. The solution? Using a Timer with scheduleAtFixedRate. Now you got two problems :-), unless you’ve carefully read the documentation which states (emphasis added): If an execution is delayed for any reason (such as garbage collection or other background activity), two or more executions will […]

  • Enumerating objects / methods in Javascript

    I was reading the following post on the Metasploit blog: Fuzzing Flash For Fun (ASNative), which described how to use an undocumented feature of ActionScript to get the list of all functions and then fuzz them. I thought: surely, there is a simpler, documented way to do that. Now, the following code was written in […]

  • Javascript regex quirk

    When I’ve written the SMOG analyzer javascript I found a quirk of javascript and this recent post inspired me to share it: The javascript regex specification doesn’t have the s modifier. This is necessary when you want to match multiple lines with a construct like .*. The suggested workaround I found was to specify the […]

  • Everything old is new again – SMOG

    Warning! The site which the script uses to provide the service contains a malicious iframe. While most probably the site itself is not malicious, I don’t recommend using the script below until the issues have been cleared up. If you included it in your site, please disable it until the problems have been cleared up. […]

  • Restarting scripts in Opera after you stopped them

    Opera has a nice feature, whereby each message box created from a Javascript offers you an option to stop running scripts for the given page. This is very nice if you are using alerts to debug your script and you’ve just realized that you have created an infinite loop by mistake :-D. However, once you’ve […]