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  • Helper for testing multi-threaded programs in Java

    This post was originally published on the Transylvania JUG blog. Testing multi-threaded code is hard. The main problem is that you invoke your assertions either too soon (and they fail for no good reason) or too late (in which case the test runs for a long time, frustrating you). A possible solution is to declare […]

  • Relaxed JSON parsing

    This blogpost was originally posted to the Transylvania JUG blog. JSON is a good alternative when you need a lightweight format to specify structured data. But sometimes (for example when you want the user to specify JSON manually) you would like to relax the formalism required to specify "valid" JSON data. For example the following […]

  • Recording test performance with Jenkins

    In many (most?) systems performance is an important non-functional requirement. And even if you attained the required performance, it is useful to keep an eye on it to detect if a codechange involuntarily deteriorates it. Enter the Performance plugin for Jenkins. Using it you can record the performance (as in: speed of execution) of your […]