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  • Using Jython from Maven

    This blogpost was originally posted to the Transylvania JUG blog. On the surface it looks simple: just add the dependency and you can run the example code. However what the jython artifact doesn’t get you are the standard python libraries like re. This means that as soon as you try to do something like the […]

  • Integrating Maven with Ivy

    This post was originally published on the Transylvania JUG blog. The problem: you have some resources in an Ivy repository (and only there) which you would like to use in a project based on Maven. Possible solutions: Migrate the repository to Maven (Nexus for example) since Ivy can easily use Maven-style repositories (so your Ivy […]

  • Recording test performance with Jenkins

    In many (most?) systems performance is an important non-functional requirement. And even if you attained the required performance, it is useful to keep an eye on it to detect if a codechange involuntarily deteriorates it. Enter the Performance plugin for Jenkins. Using it you can record the performance (as in: speed of execution) of your […]

  • Adding tab completition to Maven3 under Ubuntu

    Maven 3 was released recently (depending on your definition of recent), but is not yet packaged for Ubuntu. This is generally not a problem, since the installation instructions are easy to follow (alternatively here are the installation instructions from the Sonatype maven book), but you don’t get tab completion in your terminal, which is quite […]