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  • Moving to Ubuntu – swap partition

    I continued to perfect the solution for the Ubuntu swap partition problem (although I just upgrated to 1G of memory so it doesn’t manifest itself as quickly as before, w00t!), and would like to share my results: As posted earlier, you can use the free command to check if your swap partition is activated (on […]

  • TT – Treacherous Technology

    So, after a failed upgrade to Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn I was left with no choice but to boot into my Windows 2003 partition. (To Ubuntu’s defense: 7.04 is clearly marked as beta software and I was doing the update on my own risk). Just to be clear: this Windows 2003 SBS is a 100% […]

  • Linux tips

    I am and will be very short of time for a couple of weeks, so most probably these will be the last posts for the month. If you’ve read and followed my advice on re-creating the swap partition after failed hibernation, there is one caveat I discovered: after recreating, the swap partition is not automatically […]

  • Two quick Linux / Ubuntu tips

    If you find that you are running out of disk space and some of your applications crashed recently, you might want to look in your home folder. When applications crashes, Ubuntu creates here memory dumps to help the programmer determine the cause of the crash. But if you are no programmer, you can safely delete […]

  • Linux tips – take two

    A short Linux/Ubuntu tip: If you want to control what services (daemons in Linux speak) run when you start your computer, use sudo sysv-rc-conf from the command line. If you don’t have it installed, do a quick sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf. It’s a very small download (around 25 Kb) and it’s much more convenient than […]

  • Linux also has a hosts file!

    Update: I’m recommending that you use instead of Please check the link to see the reasons and how to modify your hosts file. Also, if you do the changes, the ping command at the end of this article won’t work (it will say something to the effect of “Destination specified is invalid.”, but […]

  • Linux command line options

    Being a Linux newbie, I’m always looking for tips and tricks related to this new OS I’m learning. Here is an article from IBM, via Slashdot: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits

  • 100th post & various short stories

    Incredible, isn’t it? This is the 100th post! Also a curious thing: in both October an November I had 39 posts (I didn’t plan it and didn’t observe it until I moved over to the beta Blogger and started tinkering with the customization of my blog). What follows are some small bits of information: A […]

  • If you dot’ succeed at first…

    try harder. I was trying to get Ubuntu (6.10) to hibernate, without much success (remember, I’m a Linux newbie). One of the side effects of the experiment was that Ubuntu did not recognize my swap partition any more (probably because during the hibernation-attempt it was overwritten with some random data from memory). If you find […]

  • How to know what you’ve installed?

    I’m doing a presentation on wireless as a school project (so that it can be included in a book ;)) and came across the following problem: neither OpenOffice 2 nor Gimp can read SVG files so I had to convert them in something which they can display (preferably PNG since it can preserve the transparency […]