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  • Interesting media

    Short updates from Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame on the pennsays YouTube channel. My only grief is that a few videos are unavailable due to “age or location restrictions”, which really seems just an oversight, since the content most probably isn’t published anywhere else (like TV) to warrant such restrictions. I tried to…

  • Music from Hungary

    This is slightly off-topic: a collection (in the form of YouTube playlist) of songs by Hungarian bands (mostly older, because I hate new stuff :-)) which I love and find inspiring. I plan to to a similar playlist for Romanian songs/bands, however I’m not that well versed in the topic as to not to miss…

  • Something fun for Friday the 13th

    From Jonathan Coulton’s blog (you know, the Codemonkey guy): Kutiman, an Israeli musician, has put together an astonishing funk piece by sampling pieces of YouTube videos. You can see the first video below, for more visit (also, the site is a visual experience in itself, definitely worth visiting). An other interesting fan-made music video…

  • 8bit music

    I was checking out the site of the hugi e-zine the other day, where I came over the next announcement: 22 December 2008: News: CGM UKScene Radio is back online News from Solorize: "I have decided to start up the station again! With Nectarine being down I thought I should start streaming again as I…

  • A very cool scene from a film

    And I write rhyming titles. W00t! 🙂 The scene is from the 1986 film Crossroads: Just in case the copyright overlords take that one down, here is an alternative version:

  • Heavy Metal Band Names Etymology

    Found it via the Comic vs Audience blog. Created by Doogie Horner:

  • This made my day!

    I was wondering about the opening music for the Pauldotcom podcast and I couldn’t manage to find it. However, Paul was kind enough to write back to me and say that it is from a group called Burnshee Thornside. I went to their site and discovered not only the theme song (“Wish I Could Write…

  • Daily funny

    Found this band on Hayseed Dixie “A Hillbilly tribute to AC/DC”. Very, very funny. SeeqPod – Playable Search