Category: noise removal

  • Getting the most out of your audio recording with Audacity

    This article aims to show you some simple techniques to improve the quality of your voice recording quickly and cheaply (for free actually). But first things first: The best audio is the one you don’t have to improve. Some simple steps you can perform in advance to maximize quality: Use quality equipment. Here are some articles…

  • Audio quality redux

    Yet an other example for how simple steps can improve the audio quality considerably. The clip below is taken from this blogpost (which I originally found trough Hacker News). You can find the processed version here, or use the controls below to do a quick A/B comparison of the two. The processing was very simple…

  • Power Line Humm Removal With Audacity

    As a response to George Starcher’s Removing Power Line Hum from Audio with GarageBand I would like to post a quick tutorial on how to do the same with Audacity: