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  • Resolving the problem with inserting formulas in OpenOffice with Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

    While writing some text (under Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy with OpenOffice 2.4) I wanted to insert a formula and much to my surprise the Insert -> Object -> Formula way grayed (greyed?) out. My first reaction was that this is probably because I was missing Java (or more precisely: OpenOffice didn’t recognize my installation of the […]

  • dictionaries

    When writing it certainly helps a lot to have spell check in that given language. An important, yet not very widely known, detail of is that it has dictionaries for many languages. Compare this with Microsoft Office: if you bought the English version, you probably got only the English spell check module. If you […]

  • Wisdom of the crowds? Maybe not

    Yesterday I’ve spotted the following article on the digg frontpage: PacMan written entirely in Excel. On the page it linked too I’ve found two games written in Excel and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications – the stuff macro viruses are written in). What is interesting that as of the time of me writing this there […]