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  • MMassively Parallel Computing šŸ™‚

    I am a fan of BOINC, which uses distributed computing to solve massive problems (some very serious, like finding a cure to certain types of cancer, others more abstract, like finding prime numbers). The problem however is ease of use and distribution. You have to (a) know that this software exists and (b) know how…

  • Pi day and other ramblings

    The USA congress decided that March the 14th is national Pi day (from While Iā€™m not a USA citizen and live nowhere near it, I still thought that the idea is cute. Math can be fun (even though the education systems gives the opposite impression frequently). A fun fact which I was amazed by…

  • Winter landscape

    The winter is almost gone, so here is an image to commemorate its passing.

  • Draw a bunny!

    So I joined a useless but fun meme started by Andreas Gohr. As you can see, my artistic skills are not that good, but it is still fun to experiment. I tag kurt wismer, Dan Dascalescu and LonerVamp.

  • Instruction Manual for Life

    Via Neural Market Trends: It is worth watching, and it went in a totally different direction than I anticipated after the first seconds.

  • This made my day!

    I was wondering about the opening music for the Pauldotcom podcast and I couldn’t manage to find it. However, Paul was kind enough to write back to me and say that it is from a group called Burnshee Thornside. I went to their site and discovered not only the theme song (“Wish I Could Write…

  • Two new podcasts

    Just wanted to announce two new podcasts I’ve started listening to, and maybe they would be of interest to people interested in security: The IT Security Pubcast – a South African podcast with security professionals who have real, hands-on experience with the physical aspects of security. Being a more electronic-only guy, this is a very…

  • A quick personal todo

    Check out the Sony PS-LX300USB turntable. I’ve known about the one ThinkGeek offers, but this review sounds very good. Also, Amazon seems to offer some nice accessories for music archiving (like the record cleaner brushes / solutions).

  • Physical condition

    I mentioned some time ago that I’ve started the one hundred pushups program. A small progress report (hopefully this can inspire others to start doing a little more exercise): In ~7 weeks (not counting the holidays) I went from 5 pushups to almost 60! This is not exactly the 100 which I should have done…

  • RIP Thiemo Seufer

    The news of Thiemo Seufer’s dead fills me with great sadness. We crossed paths a couple of times on the QEMU mailing list. He will be missed.