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  • Softline Local Review

    Many say that local online marketing is the “next frontier”. While I have some doubts with regarding this phenomenon (my money is on the ever expanding global economy – even though I’ve got “slapped” a couple of times by companies refusing to deliver to Romania), I’ve looked at softline local. They seem like a company […]

  • The future of web hosting

    I find myself thinking more and more about (a possible) future of the web. While the current system for web hosting works pretty well (and I am the first to say that we shouldn’t make the perfect an enemy of the good), it would be really nice to exploit more of the potential in the […]

  • Best web hosting?

    There is a lot of talk out there about which is the “Best Web Hosting” company. With such a highly contentious subject (since being the “best” means more customers – and implicitly more money), there are a lot of “authoritative sources” out there. One authoritative (without quotes!) source would be Netcraft, but then again, their […]

  • Google Web Hosting alternatives

    Google is one of the “big three” integrated web hubs on the internet offering many services in one place, most of them free. Of course everything has it price (nothing is truly free) and these offerings being free means that they don’t guarantee a very end-user friendly SLA. For example they recently retired Google Pages […]

  • Discount Codes UK review

    These days most online shops offer the ability to use discount codes at checkout and get a price reduction anywhere from 5% to 50%. These codes are announced in various media (like podcast or blogs), but even if you don’t follow the particular program, it is rather easy to find them with a search engine. […]

  • ActivTrack review

    ActivTrak is an activity tracking and employee monitoring software. It currently supports the 32 bit versions of Windows 2000, XP and Vista with support for 64 “coming soon” (no word on support for Windows 7 as of yet). The features are the basic ones one would expect from such a product: direct deployment from the […]

  • Small Business VoIP review

    I have posted reviews trough ReviewMe for VoIP products before, but here is an other other one: Vocalocity is a provider specialized on small business voip. They’ve been in business since 2005 and all the reviews about them which I could find were glowing (one might suspect foul play given all the good reviews, but […]

  • Web Hosting Site Review Review :-p

    WebHostingChoice pretends to be a hosting review site (it contains categories like “best uk web hosting”), however it only seems to be a placeholder for a couple of affiliate links to a limited number of hosts. Their WOT (web of trusts) rating isn’t so great either. While WOT has its limits (mainly because of its […]

  • Avalonix Wireless Camera review

    A wireless security camera is quite an interesting piece of technical equipment, which – the conventional wisdom holds – can deter people from breaking the rules (whatever those might be) or help after the fact demonstrate “who done it”. Their real value is however questionable. For one, they can become a prime target for attackers […]

  • Sony Ericsson Satio

    I admit: I didn’t jump on the “hip new phone with all kinds of bells and whistles” bandwagon yet. I’m very content with my small, sturdy Nokia. However one has to admit that there is a certain kind of wow effect when one looks at phones like the Sony Ericsson Satio. Even though I had […]