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  • Kernel malware on the rise!

    Not to gloat (well, maybe a little 🙂 ), but F-Secure also thinks that kernel malware is on the rise. There is no better time to run as limited user and make kernel malware irrelevant

  • Why rootkits and anti-rootkits are irrelevant

    Given my recent (and probably ongoing) adventure with the authors of RkUnhooker, I thought that I post my opinions about the whole rootkit – antirootkit business. To put it bluntly: it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter at best and it is a misguided effort to stear up hype in which many people participate without even realizing […]

  • GMER Site DDoS-ed

    It seems that the site hosting one of the popular rootkit detection programs is under DDoS. (news from AntiRootkit blog). So I’ve uploaded the file to my Google Pages account (good luck DDoS-ing Google, however they may take it down because bandwidth is money). While it is available, get it at: File size: 490698 […]

  • Rookits? Who needs rootkits?

    What are rootkits and why are they dangerous? You can read the detailed explanation at Wikipedia which I won’t reproduce, but the basic idea is that they alter the operating system (using either documented or undocumented methods) so that certain objects (processes, directories, files) become invisible. They are very dangerous because they breed new life […]