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  • WordPressDirect reponds (in a spammy fashion :-))

    I received the following comment on my post about WordPressDirect by “Marty Rozmanith”: Hello, I am the creator of WordPressDirect. I want to set the record straight, since your blog is contributing to the disinformation about our service. Forget the content publishing for a second…We save people time and frustration in setting up a a […]

  • Google spam – aka I’m back

    My workload has lightened a little and hopefully I can continue to blog more frequently. But enough of this, let’s get to our main subject: Recently I’ve been seeing a growing number of spam which links to Google instead of the spam site. The idea is (probably) to avoid filters which check the link targets […]

  • Two spaces

    Not being a native English speaker myself there are many parts of the culture I don’t know about. Like the fact that at some time putting two spaces after sentences was usual. From what I gather however this isn’t the case any more since people have failed to show the (supposed) advantage in accessibility. Here […]