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  • Capturing your screen on Ubuntu – with sound

    Today I have a short script which I cobbled together from Google searches to do screen captures / screen casts with Ubuntu (including audio in so that you can narrate what is going on): #!/bin/bash Xaxis=$(xrandr -q | grep ‘*’ | uniq | awk ‘{print $1}’ | cut -d ‘x’ -f1) Yaxis=$(xrandr -q | grep […]

  • Upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB on Ubuntu

    So you decided that Oracle doesn’t know its left foot from the back of his neck when it comes to open source (how’s that for a mixed metaphor), but you are not ready just yet to migrate over to PostgreSQL? Consider MariaDB. Coming from Monty Widenius, the original author of MySQL, it aims to be […]

  • Using less with syntax highlight

    You can use vim as your pager and obtain two benefits: syntax highlight and access to all the advanced commands (like search). You can do this under ubuntu by adding the following line to your ~/.bashrc: alias less=’/usr/share/vim/vimcurrent/macros/’ Note: You have to have vim installed (which doesn’t come by default, but it is as simple […]

  • Setting up git-daemon under Ubuntu

    The scenario is the following: inside a (somewhat) trusted LAN you would like to set up git-daemon so that your coworkers can access your repositories. This solution is not appropriate in cases where you want to share with random people on the interwebs. This short description is based loosely on this blogpost and it was […]

  • Adding tab completition to Maven3 under Ubuntu

    Maven 3 was released recently (depending on your definition of recent), but is not yet packaged for Ubuntu. This is generally not a problem, since the installation instructions are easy to follow (alternatively here are the installation instructions from the Sonatype maven book), but you don’t get tab completion in your terminal, which is quite […]

  • Recovering encrypted home directory under Ubuntu

    While the home-folder encryption in Ubuntu is far from a perfect solution (there is considerable data leakage from the swap file and the temp directory – for example once I’ve observed the flash videos from Chromium porn private browsing mode being present in the /tmp directory), it is a partial solution nevertheless and very easy […]

  • Setting the maximum number of opened files under Ubuntu (for JProfiler)

    As I found out “on my own skin”, setting fs.file-max in /etc/sysctl.conf is a BAD idea. It can render your system useless in one step. Please don’t do it! If you did it, use the recovery mode to roll back the change. Also, currently I would only recommend doubling the limit (ie going from 1024 […]

  • Processing clipboard data in Perl

    The problem: lets say you have a program which generates data to the clipboard (or it is easier to get the data into the clipboard than into a file) and you want to process the data (create a summary for example). Perl to the rescue! Get the Clipboard module (if you use Linux, it is […]

  • Why Ubuntu 10.10 is better than Windows XP?

    I want to preface this with the following: I don’t want to pull a fanboy move here. The only thing I assert is that a recent OS (ie. Ubuntu 10.10) can give a considerable performance improvement (without changing the hardware) compared to an almost 10 year old OS (Windows XP). Without further ado, compiling a […]

  • An useful Ubuntu (online) resource

    If you use Ubuntu, the full circle magazine is a great resource, go check it out. For example from the latest issue I’ve learned that I should install vim-nox on my servers if I want to upgrade my 1980’s experience to 1990’s :-). I there is one (small) issue, it is the fact that the […]