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  • Vagrant and VirtualBox on Windows

    Vagrant is a collection of scripts written in Ruby to manage VirtualBox images in a shared environment (like the QA boxes inside a company): install them, update them, etc. Unfortunately installing it under Windows is not as straight forward as one would want, so here are some useful tips: Read the Windows setup page and […]

  • Creating a non-MAC bound CentOS 6 machine

    I was building VMs to be deployed with Vagrant / Virtualbox for our QAs and discovered that on new instantiations of the machine the networking interface wasn’t coming up. The problem was that Virtualbox was assigning a random MAC address to the NIC (and rightly so, to avoid conflicts). I used the following steps to […]

  • Geek pr0n – time lapse video of building racks


  • Installing *BSD under VirtualBox

    I managed to install FreeBSD and OpenBSD under VirtualBox. With NetBSD I gave up :-(. Here are some tips: This is a good general OpenBSD tutorial If you get the following message with OpenBSD: uid 0 on /: file system full /: write failed, file system is full Segmentation fault The solution described by this […]

  • What virtualization can and cannot do in an anti-malware context

    Over at the anti-virus rant blog (which is a nice blog because it includes the word rant in the title :)) Kurt Wismer states that virtualization is overhyped as a security technology. While I agree, I want to point out that following some simple rules, it can be a very powerful security which can easily […]

  • Hack the Gibson – Episode #59

    Read the reason for these posts. Read Steve Gibson’s response. Finally, I’m getting in synch with the released episodes. This one is relatively error-free, I have only just a few comments to make: buffer overrun doesn’t always mean that the buffer is on the stack, it can be in the heap also. Hardware DEP prevents […]