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  • Setting up IMAP with Yahoo! Mail

    I’m a long time Yahoo Mail user. Just to illustrate how long I’ve been with them: when I joined the space available was a couple of MBs! I staid with them because I was mostly satisfied (never really caught the GMail bug), however recently I started looking for options to consolidate the different email accounts…

  • Posting links from delicious to Blogger

    I collect quite a long list of links while I “surf the web”. Until now I’ve done the Mixed Links series, but I’ve been looking for ways to automate it. Enter delicious (or as it was formerly known): it has a nice Firefox plugin and theoretically it can post your bookmarks automatically to your…

  • You’ve come a long way baby!

    In the spirit of Fatboy Slim’s Right Here / Right now Comes the following video about Yahoo Mail: Communication Evolution @ Yahoo! Video I got started on Yahoo Mail back in the day and it always served me well. Thank you! PS: Cat and dog saying Yahoo Mail