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  • Youtube gadget generator

    Some time ago I posted about how the Google Gadget code for Youtube seems to be borked up. Now it seems that they completely removed the option from the YouTube pages, for whatever reason, but the old code still seems functional. So below you can find a small Javascript which generates the equivalent code for…

  • Some fun timewasters 🙂

    Found this one via And the following one is from friends (these are in German, but many of them can be enjoyed even if you don’t know the language): Some of the highlights from both of the channels:

  • Youtube channel embedding being all borked up?

    Update: Google/YouTube seem to have taken the option to generate gadgets showing all the videos from a given user offline, and as such the script below doesn’t work anymore. As a workaround I’ve posted a small script which generates the old embed code for an user-specified YouTube user. In a previous post I wanted to…

  • Interesting media

    Short updates from Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame on the pennsays YouTube channel. My only grief is that a few videos are unavailable due to “age or location restrictions”, which really seems just an oversight, since the content most probably isn’t published anywhere else (like TV) to warrant such restrictions. I tried to…

  • The Monty Python YouTube channel

    Found this via the net@night podcast. Warning! Very funny, it will make you laugh out loud! 🙂 The Monty Python YouTube channel

  • Posting high-quality YouTube videos

    Via George Ou’s blog: How to embed high quality YouTube videos and more. The methods described there are a little cumbersome (except for installing the WordPress plugin – but I’m not using WordPress :-)), so I’ve simplified them a little. You can either paste the embed tag given by Youtube in the text-box below and…

  • Funny YouTube videos

    Via the ComputerDefense blog: Intel Video Ad Directed by Christopher Guest #1 And here are some others I’ve found clicking around: Intel Video Ad Directed by Christopher Guest #2 “Mac or PC” Rap Music Video – Mac vs PC South Park Mac vs. PC