Hack the Gibson – for Episode #58

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This episode was actually quite good and as far as I can tell there were no errors in it. But I just wanted to get the word out: unregister vgx.dll (instructions here – towards the middle of the page where it says “Suggested Actions”) and / or use a better browser (this one is also quite good).

Note: the action suggested at the Microsoft page I’ve referred you earlier potentially has some problems on non-english version of Windows. In those cases use the command regsvr32 /u "%CommonProgramFiles%Microsoft SharedVGXvgx.dll" (taken from the F-Secure blog).

A little rant here about the not invented here syndrome. Why is it that people / companies feel the need to reinvent stuff? There is a perfectly good vector graphic format (SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics), but someone at Microsoft felt that they needed to bring their own proprietary version of it. There are some very smart people at Microsoft but even they can’t be smarter than the hundreds of people who work on open standards and open code. Because it is a company, as soon as you do some work there you have limitations (generated by the marketing and financial departments), so why not take open standards and open code (if it’s under an acceptable license of course) and implement that?

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