Hack the Gibson!

Hack the Gibson!

First a piece of advice: don’t hack the Gibson if you don’t have written permission to do so :-). First go watch the movie. This series of posts wants to be an unofficial errata for the Security Now! podcast by Steve Gibson (this is the first and only time I’ll post this link on my blog). In my opinion the problem with Steve is that doesn’t always know 100% about the subjects he’s talking about (which is ok), but doesn’t want to admit it (which is really, really not ok). I’ve tried to contact him several times with corrections about the things he said on the podcast with no success. When I’ve heard that other, more well known people had also no success in getting him to correct his errors, I’ve decided to start this mini series.

I plan to go in parallel with the current episodes and sometimes take an older episode. I don’t have time to listen to all the episodes, so I apologize if the things that I mention were already corrected in an other episode. Also, if I make mistakes, please tell me so that we can improve the quality of the information found on the web. And lastly: the podcast is quite enjoyable, certainly in the upper 15% of the podcasts I’ve tried, but you must take the information with a grain of salt.

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