A little guess game

I was browsing through the Top 100 companies to work for 2006 published by the local version of the international Capital newspaper and it amazes me how unrepresentative it is. So lets play a little guess game. What’s wrong with the following pictures? (aside from the fact that they were taken with a cheap webcam and my hand was shaking during it).

These pictures were taken in the companies that are present in this classification, many of which operate in the IT world, and yet what do we see? CRT monitors and non-ergonomic or partially ergonomic chairs and no double-monitor setups. My question would be: how can a company that doesn’t even care enough to give its employees TFT monitors and ergonomic chairs be a top place to work at? I don’t even mention the text which describes may of the companies, which is clearly written by the respective companies PR department and lists many things as key benefits for working at the company which in my opinion are elemental things to have. This text won’t fool the more seasoned people who already worked at a company or two, but may easily induce in error the young talents who are not fully aware of their value. So my advice goes out to them: don’t be fooled by the PR text and don’t give yourself up easily or for uncertain promises like come work for us cheaply because we have excellent possibilities for promotion!

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