Steve Gibson responds!

Steve Gibson responded to my blog postings. It’s a very nice response and I must say that maybe I’ve misjudged him. This doesn’t mean that I’m getting soft, but every side should get a chance to display his opinions. Here is the letter I’ve received (republished with the permission of the sender):

I’m sorry that I’ve never seen your previous notes.

Managing, replying to, and even reading the eMail traffic generated by Security Now! would be a full-time job if I were to give it the attention it would love to consume. But then I’d never be able to get anything else done. Literally. I now have more than 10,000 unread pieces of Security Now eMail. It bothers me a lot that I’m unable to read and reply to everyone, but there’s just no possibility of that happening from a free weekly audio podcast. Doubtless your previous notes are among those that I’ve never seen.

But I did see this most recent note from you just now when I was scanning back from the most recently received eMail for 12 recent questions to answer during episode #60 of SN.

So I went over to and read through your blog. Very nice stuff there, and you clearly know what you’re doing and talking about. I’m always interested in knowing when I’ve mispoken and I never claimed to know 100% of everything about security. By its very nature, security is inherently subjective and non-absolute. But you made a number of great points.

When I screw-up and say something that’s really wrong, as, for example, I did about the lack of Sound and USB support under the VMware Server platform I never hesitate to correct myself and the record as soon as I can — just as I did at the start of the recent Parallels podcast #59.

But occasionally there are other times when, in retrospect, I’ll learn something later and wish that I had said something different … but it’s too late since the podcast is already “out” and the issue doesn’t seem like enough of a big enough deal to break the flow of succeeding podcasts. So I work to do the best job I can and keep moving forward.

The bottom line is that I’m providing the best and most accurate information I’m able to within the many constraints on my time and focus. Since the podcast seems to be wildly popular and successful, and since so many people are so appreciative of receiving — for free each week — the benefit of whatever I’m able to share, it seems to be working very well.

So, I’m doing the best job I can and working harder to produce this free podcast than most people expect.:)


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