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I’m trying to eliminate all my backlog because it is possible that I will have limited connectivity for some time. So here goes an other batch:

After using Google and Excite as redirector, it is the turn of Lycos: here is link which will take you to Google http://r.lycos.com/r/sagel_mail_scratch_tl/http://google.com (based on a spam I got).

While on the subject of redirecting, it seems that one ISP is redirecting their users to other services than they were going. This is definitely malicious and should be protested against!

An interesting post about Object Data Bases from somebody who seems to have first hand experience with them.

How to use the javascript event model to your advantage – by ppk. Interesting, but most probably people won’t use this approach exactly because you have to take a step back and think about it, plus it behaves slightly differently in different browsers.

Dr. Dobb’s should do a better job in filtering submissions. I don’t know who this guy is but his article Open-Source Encryption Utility Frustrates Phishers makes absolute no sense. In the best case it is an open source zealot who tries every approach to hype open source, and in the worst case he is a complete ******, who doesn’t understand what the word phising means. And yes, I tried to comment on the original article, but the register a new account link takes me back to the page intended to recover forgotten passwords.

A new version os PuTTY has been released. So you are on windows, go grab a copy.

An insightful article about anti-malware companies. It is rally sad.

A similar grim remainder that making everyone 100% safe is not the main goal of the anti-virus / anti-spyware industry’s goal, is this blog posting Kaspersky Labs in which they try to convince people that the new iPhone is just an other device which needs / will need AV products, completely failing to mention the fact that it is intended to be a very locked down platform with minimal probability of home-brew third party software installation.

An intersting write-up on Groklaw which seems to imply that BSD licensed software is not so free after all. Two things: all that lawyer talk makes my head hurt (or maybe it’s because I have a cold :-D) and I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that this will never stand a chance in the courts.

I always felt that online security magazines were a bizarre idea. And what I find most annoying that more than half of each edition are advertisements. And the content isn’t to great either.

From Slashdot: Microsoft Copies Idea, Admits It, Then Patents It. The most insightful comment I’ve heard about software patents was in a podcast (I don’t remember which though because I listen to so many) and something along the lines: supposedly the main advantage of patents is that you can look at what others did, and take ideas from there. Yet most lawyers advise programmers not to look at software patents because it poisons them. So there is no argument any sane person can make in favor of software patents. On a related note: Jury Rules That H.264 is Not Patented.

soapUIis a free and open source program for testing SOAP interfaces written in Java. Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy. I only used Paros though.

There are some free chapters out there from the Mastering Perl book.

Google seems to embrace web feeds everywhere: you can subscribe to both to blog search results and news search results (unifying even more the information gathering interface).

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