Finding a Windows computer based on its NetBios name

A short tip: when working in hybrid environments (that is where both Windows and Linux machines are present), it is useful to be able to lookup a machine IP based on its NetBios name. You can do this by writing nmblookup [the name of the computer]. This will do a broadcast on all the interfaces querying the directly attached subnets for machines which match the given name and will output their IP addresses.

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2 responses to “Finding a Windows computer based on its NetBios name”

  1. This only works if the Windows machines are running NetBIOS. Which they really ought not to be… although it is fairly common in large installations still.

  2. By default it runs NetBIOS, so it should work quite well. By the way NetBIOS over IP is a broadcast level protocol as far as I know, so this will work only on the local subnet.

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