Installing Perl 5.10 on Ubuntu

So I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 and I’m not very impressed unfortunately. I got Compiz working, thanks to Compiz-Check (it works only at lower resolutions, so I switched it off, however it’s nice to have the option) and also Monodevelop 1.0, however the installed Firefox is slightly outdated (Beta 5 rather than RC1) and sound doesn’t seem to work with Flash. Also, there is no Perl 5.10 package in the repositories. After searching around a bit I decided that doing an install from source was not a good idea, unless I wanted to screw up my whole system and/or was ready to pull all the dependencies and choose an alternative install path.

ActivePerl to the rescue. Get your .deb from the site (which is a little tricky, but if you read carefully, you realized that you don’t need to enter your contact information go get to the download) and follow the instructions to get Perl 5.10 installed in the /opt directory.

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  1. Just a quick note to thank you for this info. The 5.8.8 perl in 8.04 "LTS" is borked, and it's like pulling teeth trying to replace it with a higher version.

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