Automated analisys

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Automated security analysis is good for dealing with a large flux of (possibly) malicious files, however information resulting from these types of sources must be clearly marked as such (as oppsed of information derived by humans). Example:

In a malware description from TrustedSource we find the following lines (emphasis added):

C:autorun.inf This is a non malicious text file with the following content:


Clearly this is one of those simplistic infect USB drives type of malware and the autorun.inf file is a key component of. While it is not harmful in it self, it should clearly be removed (an analogy might help: lets say that a malware is composed out of an executable and a dll which it loads. The dll itself is not active unless the executable loads it, but is still should be marked and removed).

In conclusion: automatically generated information is good, but please do mark it as such. And also: in the name of science, question everything:

Discovery Science Question Everything
by X3EN0N

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