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The “Last in a Loop” Bug – closures are one of those tricky things. This shows a typical example for (mis-)understanding them, and how to fix it.

Via ajaxian: Degrading Script Tags. Very cool, I didn’t know about this behavior. Although, I’m not really sure where you would use it? If a part of your hosting infrastructure goes down? Providing failover?

Promise you don’t laugh: I’ve started the one hundred pushups program. On the initial test I’ve managed a total of five (yes, 5) pushups, so I’m curious if it is really possible to get to 100 pushups by the end of the year (in fact I have a bet with my wife that until the end of the year I will do 20 pushups with clapping in between :-D).

Yet an other (possible) security problem: Cross-site scripting through CSS data. However, in an encouraging move, Microsoft will turn off by default CSS expressions in IE 8.

A funny (but true) answer on stackoverflow to the question How many lines of debugged code do you produce in a day’s work?: I don’t have an exact count, but on my best days it’s a negative number. In a similar spirit here is the advice given on slashdot to a beginner programmer (emphasis added):

  • Plan/Design everything
  • Document everything
  • Version control everything
  • Test everything
  • Deny everything

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