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Via the GSD blog (a very good blog BTW – I’m amazed how he finds energy and time to write those long posts time and time again):

  • Opera 9.6 is approaching – the browser wars are heating up again, which can only be a good thing 🙂
  • 3.0 RC1 – for a long time was on-par in my opinion with MS Office. Heck, the 2.4 version can even import those idiotic new “open” formats from MS Office 2007.

Via the Lightweight Linux blog: some documentation to learn the ins and outs (or at least get a little more familiar) with the Linux command line. If only I could find some free time to browse through them…

Via the F-Secure blog: vote for your favorite slogans. Here are a few of them which I liked:

  • Abort / Retry / Order pizza
  • Ah yes, Google Maps said I would find you here
  • Aren’t you tired of being a man in the middle?
  • Data on this laptop is encrypted, but on that USB stick it’s not
  • Erny zra rapelcg jvgu ebg13 – this one is a bit more elaborate, it might not be as funny on a sticker / t-shirt.
  • Gone Phishing
  • Hello, my password is ******
  • I am random, you are predictable, their key is broken
  • I have a spare hand for a TCP handshake
  • I went looking for pr0n and all I got was this lousy rootkit
  • I’m listening to Alice and Bob’s conversation
  • I’m using too strong encryption to enter to the USA
  • I’m vulnerable. Patch me
  • I’ve forgotten your password again, could you remind me?
  • layer 8 protected
  • Lick my battery sucker
  • Life’s too short for long passwords
  • Malware Inside
  • My other laptop is secure
  • My other PC is your PC
  • My wireless cables are secure
  • No, I won’t remove the viruses from your computer
  • Pardon Me. You Dropped Your Malware
  • Passwords are just like underwear, I’ve change mine, have U?
  • root@YourPC:~# – this is a little too obvious. The # sign should be enough for everybody to know that it is root :-). I would rewrite it like this: me@YourPC:~#
  • The MD5 is D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E – if you don’t know this MD5 by heart, just do a md5sum /dev/null. Remember, always use salts!
  • Use ROT13 twice for added protection!
  • Vista Ready but Linux loaded
  • When in doubt; click three times…
  • Will break CAPTCHA for food

… maybe I just liked them all :-)…

And one of my all time favorites (although not related to computers): I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it. –Ashleigh Brilliant

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