Job offer from Nokia

Some time back I was looking around in the job marked and, amongst other possibilities, I checked out Nokia. This meant that I got added to their mailing list (voluntarily). Today I received the following mail from them:

When creating your profile at Nokia’s Career Site, you requested to be notified of job openings. The following job was just posted which may be of interest for you:

Quality Specialist 4

Position Description: NULL

Requirements: NULL

So a job with no description and no requirements. Cool :-). On a sidenote: my experience with them was that they were not at all interested in my technical qualifications. In fact the technical part of the interview lasted no more than 10 minutes and the questions were very generic. My feeling was that they have a table where it says “CS degree – X EUR” and this is the offer they make you. This might be good if you are coming straight out of the university, but for somebody who already has work experience it probably isn’t the best offer.

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