Mixed links

The guys over Jupiter Broadcasting (is it a sign of networking geekdom if I kept typing Juniper broadcasting? :-)) reviewed boxee. It is very cool to find out that the product is based on an open-source program (XBMC). Also, AFAIK it is only available on Mac and Linux currently and because of this I couldn’t take it out for a spin yet (but I plan to as soon as I pick up my new laptop). I’m really curious (and hopeful) that they managed to make an agreement where they don’t need to lock out the people outside of the USA.

From the Linux Action show: they discuss a new license called AGPL. Very cool! It is similar with the GPL, the difference being that they plugged the “ASP hole”. Very interesting, and also the discussion on the show was very insightful (with some minor mistakes, like saying that Google couldn’t have gotten off the ground if Linux was under such a license – neglecting the fact that there is the entire class of BSD’s out there). After this discussion I really feel that Microsoft’s OS is hindering innovation (by placing a considerable price on the foundation of companies)…

On the SANS blog we find the “Are we doomed? / There is hope” list. A very nice list which tries to keep the balance between pessimism / optimism about IT security as a whole.

Finally, the USA DoD gets overwhelmed by (what seems) an autorun malware. From my experience the network infrastructure in large organizations keeps to “rot”, until everybody has access to everything, which results in these kinds of situations. Of course the mandate of IT is “first, keep the business (organization) running”, so the preferred level of lockdown is rarely an option…

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