Sun bans Romania from downloading

Confirmed from multiple locations with multiple ISPs: whenever I try to download something (JDKs) from Sun using a Romanian IP you get:

Your download transaction cannot be approved. Contact Customer Service.

I’ve tried downloading a SDN account (so that Sun knows that I don’t want the JDK with all the non-exportable crypto stuff) to no avail. From customer support I got back a canned response telling me to empty the cache/cookies. Of course it didn’t work and they didn’t (yet) respond to my followup email. Oh well, I guess I will be hunting for USA proxies (TOR should work also, but it’s not exactly the ideal solution for downloading hundreds of megs).

Update: I received a reply from SDN saying that the download system “is experiencing site difficulties. It should be resolved soon, so please try your download again later today”. It still isn’t working through… I’ve replied them for what it’s worth reiterating that it still isn’t working.

Also, it would be interesting to know if this also extends to the auto-update feature – ie if auto-update isn’t working either…

Update: it seems to be working now. Lets hope it stays like that…


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  1. I’ve been hit with the same download ban problem, just when i was preparing to adopt Java as the platform for my (hopefully) highly successfull commercial product.

    I guess i’ll give .NET / C# another chance.

  2. I experience the same problem. I tried downloading with my old account, and with a newly created account, and with a colleague’s account, but all downloads were denied regardless of what I wanted to get (Solaris 10, JDK, etc).

    I contacted support and after the first canned response about cleaning caches and cookies, I insisted with the full usage scenario. Consequently, I was told that they tried my scenario and it worked, and that again I should clean the cookies and caches.

    A support representative told me over Sun’s online chat support that the Download Center was experiencing difficulties and that he was not aware of any ban on downloads from Romania.

    Now I’m waiting support to get back to me on a third email I sent asking specifically to check whether my account was flagged in any way or whether there really was a ban for Romania …

  3. Its two years later and I can't download the jdk with the same error message.

    I am sitting in Massachusetts.
    If Sun/Oracle are trying to kill Java they are on the right track

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