Mixed links

The CPAN testers site received an update. This is a great resource for Perl programmers all over the world which automatically tests CPAN modules in different environments.

The Ethical Hacker Network posted the solution to the Daemon challenge. Interesting, but as expected, you’d had to own the book to get this one…

From the MS Security Tips & Talk blog: 5 steps to help protect your new computer before you go online. Some very basic information with contradicting parts (ie “ensure your system has the latest updates and security software installed” but you must do this “before you connect to the Internet” – where do I get these updates? from the thin air?) and they are also propagating the anti-spyware nonsense. Then again, they also try to double tax the user by selling Windows Defender and Windows OneCare instead of bundling the functionality into the same product. (BTW, just for fun: you can still buy OneCare, even though it has been discontinued – guess somebody didn’t get the memo).

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