A free, open-source, cross platform alternative to VirtualDub

I’ve been a long fan on VirtualDub, a great linear video-editing software (and it is also free and open source). The only thing which bothered me was the limited number of input/output formats supported. There were some forks of it, but they pretty much died off.

However in the latest full circle magazine I think that I found the perfect alternative (I didn’t have much time to play around with it, but it looks very promising until now): Avidemux. Things it has going for it:

  • Free and open source
  • Cross platform (Windows and Linux)
  • Supports a ton of input and output formats
  • Has a lot of built-in effects


If you have some video editing to do, give it a try!

One response to “A free, open-source, cross platform alternative to VirtualDub”

  1. “limited number of input/output formats supported.”

    Yes, by default but there’s plugins for Quicktime, WMV and FLV.

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