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2128556632_fd2a4fa5dc_oNew Shool Information Gathering Toorcon X Edition Video – embedded below. You can also download the presentation. Very interesting and a lot of tools are mentioned which can be useful for reconnaissance.

It looks like the GDrive is coming. Hopefully soon I can build my backup home-grown backup strategy, which should look something like this: home folder under SVN, synchronized to a home server (with encrypted drive), synchronized to SkyDrive and GDrive (using password protected archives of course).

Towards a Law of Malware Probability – nothing extraordinarily new, but synthesizes the current information well. The summary: there will be more malware. Lots more 🙂

From Andy ITGuy: 25 Random Reasons I Won’t Tell You 25 Random Things About Me – a funny (but very good) post about why the “tell X things about yourself nobody knows” meme is stupid. We should all rather draw bunnies.

How frequently are results in the the McAfee SiteAdvisor service updated? It seems that not very often. This of course shouldn’t be a big surprise, because (a) this process is resource intensive and (b) just because a service didn’t do anything bad with your signup email address (ie spammed it) for a couple of days, you can’t say that it won’t do so in the near future.

After talking about a similar Python feature, it is only fair to mention this in Perl: Class::Sniff can be used to create nice dependency diagrams between the used packages.

A funny response to the "10 kinds of people" meme from AbstruseGoose.

Sandi is bothered by advertisement in the feeds. My opinion? Nothing is for free. And as long as they give me full feeds, I’m not bothered by a little advertisement.

A little HTTP proxy written in Python. Cute.

Image taken from Cross-stitch ninja’s photostream with permission.

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