FIRE: FInding RoguE Networks

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 06:12 AM PDT

An interesting list of malicious hosts by ASN / IP / Country. I'm not entirely sure what the criterion for inclusion is though – maybe based on Anubis?)

YouTube – teamcymru’s Channel

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 05:43 AM PDT

Useful, short and informative videos about IT security topics. Via

PolyPack: An Automated Online Packing Service for Optimal Antivirus Evasion

Posted: 26 Jul 2009 10:51 AM PDT

Packs files with different packers and scans them with different AV engines. Interesting, but not really surprising.

Screengrab – a Firefox extension to capture webpages

Posted: 26 Jul 2009 02:22 AM PDT


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