Update to OVScan

506198525_7e08998910_b I finally had a little free time to work on the OVscan script. Here are the updates:

  • updated to the latest changes in VirusTotal
  • updated to the latest changes in Jotti
  • added a new scanner site (NoVirusThanks). Unfortunately they currently seem to be down for maintenance
  • disable Virscan.Org, since they are down since a couple of days (hopefully they didn’t suffer a major DDoS or a visit from the police – with them being Chinese and all)

As always, you can get it from my SVN repository.

Picture taken from Vik Nanda’s photostream with permission.

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4 responses to “Update to OVScan”

  1. When I try to run the script, I get "Can't locate JSON.pm in @INC <@INC contains: C:/PERL/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .>

    Any suggestions?

  2. @Anonymous: this means that you don't have the JSON module installed. Depending on what you use, you can install the module either by hand, using CPAN (if you are using something like Perl compiled for Windows of Strawberry Perl) or using the PPM (if you are using ActivePerl). Either way, the process should be straight forward.

    I opted for using a separate library, rather than the embedded one used originally, because that one had some problems parsing (legitimate) JSON response.

  3. The following error occured while processing "xxxx":
    Response header does not contain expected location header!

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