foratv I discovered just recently, but I’m already a huge fan. If you like TV channels like Discovery or National Geographic, you will certainly find something of interest here.

What’s great:

  • it’s free with very little and unobtrusive advertisement
  • the programs are professionally recorded / postprocessed (no volume-to-low-to-hear problems here)
  • link to individual parts of the program
  • a lot of supporting materials (like transcripts) and even audio and video downloads!
  • possibility to embed the videos on other sites like blogs
  • recommendations (“related programs”) which are pretty much spot-on (or maybe I’m just a video-junky :-))

Much of the functionality is available to non-registered users, and if you want to register, it is a quick and painless. A minor problem is that the links in their RSS feeds is sometimes wrong, but this is rare and looks like user error, and as such it is rather easy to guess the correct URL (like putting one “r” instead of two).

Just to get you started, here are two episodes about Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame:

MythBuster Adam Savage’s Colossal Failures

MythBusters: Just the Facts

You can also check out their blog for some behind-the-scenes look.


Disclaimer: I have no other relationship with, other than being a satisfied and enthusiastic user.

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