A fresh start with… WordPress 🙂

In 2016 I wrote A fresh start with Pelican. And now, 6 years later I’m writing this. Lots has changed since then and lots has stayed the same. It still fills me with joy writing texts that may be useful to somebody.

So, what’s to like about WordPress? For one, it can do blogs (and websites in general – so I don’t have to keep up with the latest (micro)formats and trust that it handles them reasonably well) and for most usual things (like code highlighting), there are well supported plugins. It’s also F/LOSS software and portable – I must say I quite liked the interview with Matt on FLOSS Weekly.

An other big thing is that it supports comments – something which static websites generally don’t and the alternatives (like Disqus) don’t respect user’s privacy at the level I would like them to.

So type away your comments! (also, if you’re on the feedburner feed, please switch over to https://grey-panther.net/feed, because who knows how long the former will be around!).

But there are also a couple of things not to like about WordPress – for one, using it, I’m painting a big target on my back (lots of WordPress sites are getting hacked every day). I do believe that I’ve taken reasonable precautions against this (stay tuned for a description on how this is set up!), but it’s a risk.

Also, running dynamic websites is not free (though not astronomically expensive either). My main worry around this is that if I become incapacitated for a longer time, this content will disappear (and one big reason for me starting up writing the blog again is to have a documentation for my family for such cases – so that they can get technical help to access – and maintain if they wish to – all the digital trinkets I’m creating). Also stay tuned about my plans around this problem, but the short version is that I’m planning to mirror the content periodically to several “free” providers and hope that at least one of the mirrors will be around long enough.

Until the next time!

Image credits to rawpixel.com through PxHere.

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  1. I like WordPress for several of my projects. I am still one of those hold-outs on RSS (self-hosting FreshRSS) and have updated your feed URL accordingly. I, too, wonder how long FeedBurner will be allowed to persist.

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