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  • Nokia not displaying the callers phone number

    I found out from a friend recently that all the Nokia phones (from the very basic ones up to the N series) have the following weird behavior: If you have a phone number multiple times in your address book (this means the phone memory + the SIM), the phone number is displayed instead of the […]

  • Curious Eclipse (Java?) bug…

    It seems that watchpoints are not triggered if the field is changed using reflection. A simple test program to demonstrate this: import java.lang.reflect.*; public class ReflectMe { public static int foo = 1; //*1 public void test() throws Exception { foo = 2; //*2 Class c = Class.forName(“ReflectMe”); Field f = c.getField(“foo”); f.setInt(this, 10); //*3 […]

  • Using Perl to access PostgreSQL under Windows

    This appears by a non-intuitive problem for people. Below I assume that you are using some version of ActivePerl for Windows (5.8 or 5.10). First of all: Under no circumstances (ok, I rephrase: only under extreme circumstances) should you use DBD::PgPP. It is old, not very performant (given that its implemented in Pure Perl) and […]

  • Internet Explorer + Frames = Headache

    So lets say you have the following HTML snippet: <html> <frameset rows="20,*" border="0" frameborder="no"> <frame name="menu" src="menu_frame.html" scrolling="no" noresize="1"> <frame name="work_frame" src=""> </frameset> </html> First of all you would say: but frames are so 1998! And you would be right. Frames are outmoded, deprecated and a usability nightmare (because you can’t bookmark the exact state […]

  • Month of PHP bugs roundup

    The month of PHP bugs is over and I thought that I make a little list with things you can do to mitigate the bugs where possible: Update to PHP 5.2.1 and watch out for the next version and update to it as soon as it comes out. Do not PHP4, because there is a […]

  • Security Update – MOPB, DMA, etc

    First just a fun little post on Slashdot which debates what /etc stands for Now for the security related stuff: The Month of PHP Bugs continues with two new vulnerabilities. Fortunately these bugs were disclosed to the PHP team beforehand, so updating to the latest version solves them. Also, one of them is in the […]

  • The progress of MOPB

    The Month of PHP bugs is progressing nicely and the counter is up to nine (at this rate – supposing that we have a linear progression – we will have almost 70 vulnerabilities!). The new ones repeat the same patterns as the previous ones: they can be mitigated in environments where a single user controls […]

  • Month of PHP bugs started

    The Month of PHP bugs started off today with not one, but three bugs. Two of them can be protected against by using Suhosin (you might accuse the guy of some grey area marketing – but you can’t since his product is both free and open source) and the third by upgrading to PHP5 (because […]

  • On disclosure

    Disclosure and responsible disclosure is a very much discussed topics these days as the MOAB (no, not that one – yes it is a cheap shot, but maybe there are people who didn’t read it on ten other blogs :)). Here is one blog entry which says: I completely disagree with the decision for security […]

  • Fixing Open Source

    Before you all jump over me: I won’t be talking here about a silver bullet which would take the open source movement in the right direction, ensure its competitiveness or something like that. What I’ll talk about is the joy that you can have by fixing open source scripting libraries. To be specific: in one […]