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  • I’m the spam killa’

    I’m happy to announce that I’m one of two “spam killers” on the Software Engineering radio website. Spam was starting to run rampant on their site, so they asked for help and I responded. It is so simple to donate your time to a worthy cause. You to can do it, it takes just a […]

  • Careful with that UGC, PCWorld!

    I was reading PC World article when I saw the “active” forum topics: My thoughts were: Their forum must be really low volume if these spammings managed to get to the top UGC (User Generated Content) can easily put your website in a “bad light”, so you should be careful when using it. Some ideas […]

  • Threaded vs. Flat discussions

    This post from Coding Horror talks about a subject near and dear to my heart: the usability of the discussion boards. Here is my take on what constitutes an easy to use environment: Flat discussion works best if few replies are expected for a given topic. You can make sure of this by splitting up […]