I’m the spam killa’

SONY DSC I’m happy to announce that I’m one of two “spam killers” on the Software Engineering radio website. Spam was starting to run rampant on their site, so they asked for help and I responded. It is so simple to donate your time to a worthy cause. You to can do it, it takes just a couple of minutes per day!

PS: If you are interested in software development / design, this is definitely a podcast you should give a listen.

Picture taken from Manuel_Marin’s photostream with permission.

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  1. It's good that you helped nail the spammers. If you ever want to donate more time to nuking spammers, let me know! I have a forum that Russians seem to like rather well. It's so bad that there are times I ban them before they even confirm their account by E-mail. They are using proxies and other methods to hide their identities, but the links point to the same URL. Wow, lightbulb went off! Maybe I can use the bad word filter option to remove their URL! Gotta go test this now. Happy Holidays!

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