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  • Database links

    Via the MySQL performance blog: the Percona 2009 conference posted the slides (most of them anyways). There is some very good and diverse material in there (not necessarily MySQL specific). I also found the following link in one of the presentations: – love it! Testing Disk Speed: the dd Test – I/O is the […]

  • Weird Sybase JDBC driver issue (jConnect)

    I post this so that the search engines can pick up on it and maybe it can help somebody out. I had the following issue with the Sybase JDBC driver (jConnect): I was calling a stored procedure and it was throwing an error. However these errors weren’t propagated to the Java code in form of […]

  • Random Database Blogging

    From the Database and Performance blog: Queuing Theory & Resource Utilization – a lightweight introduction into the field which explains why you don’t have linear growth all the way – at a moment you hit a magic ceiling and things get much worse. PostgreSQL Replicator is an other way to replicate your PostgreSQL database. Now […]